Why Not Invest in Better Lenses Currently?

Why Not Invest in Better Lenses Currently?


Yes, you can go out and also spend hundreds of bucks on high-quality lenses 야짤모음사이트. As well as you will improve images. But as with the conversation regarding video cameras, the increase in top quality will certainly be minor and also nowhere near compatible with what you have to pay to obtain them. Begin with a set lens. It is likely all you require in the meantime.

Let me place it to you in this manner: You recognize that individual who tees off, slices his drive into the timbers, and then condemns his driver? All of us recognize that person, and most of us recognize the cause of the slice had not been the motorist but his awful golf swing. And also similar to it’s not the motorist’s fault, it’s not the video camera’s fault or the lens’s fault. Don’t be that individual.

Added Resources

When selecting video cameras and also lenses, right here are my best sources:


– The Digital Photo: I never get anything without talking to this site. Specifically, if you are interested in Canon, this is the location.
– DP Testimonial: Solid, extensive testimonials of essentially every cam as well as lenses on the market.

At Outdoor Image Academy, while the focus is definitely not on the equipment, I do keep an updated listing of my cam and also lenses referrals for novice, intermediate, and progressed professional photographers. You’ll additionally discover a lot of details on the equipment web page concerning what is as well as what is trivial when it comes to selecting the ideal video camera.

Items for Landscapes and also Seascapes


Capturing landscapes as well as seascapes calls for that you purchase a few various other items to do them well. These mostly associate with support and also keeping the camera as still as feasible. We’ll speak about these items next off, as well as a few filters you could want.


Placing your cam on a tripod stabilizes it to make sure that the cam doesn’t move in any way during the exposure. This permits you to use lengthy shutter speeds that would or else be difficult while hand-holding the video camera. Even when you aren’t making use of slow shutter rates, a tripod helps make your images sharper by eliminating any motion. It opens a globe of choices for you and also is needed for excellent pictures. We’ll talk more concerning exactly how that functions later on, but also for currently, just understand that you will certainly require a tripod in these circumstances.

There is no need to go out and also invest a ton of money on a tripod.

You can invest a great deal of money (upwards of $1,000) on a tripod in the name of supreme security as well as lighter weight. However, it is not necessary. All a tripod does is hold a video camera still. It is basically a pietistic rack. It doesn’t need to be that complicated or pricey.

Actually, if you are simply starting, I have a suggestion for you: simply purchase a little travel tripod for about $150. Two great choices are the Manfrotto BeFree as well as the MeFoto Backpacker. I have a MeFoto tripod and I carry it anywhere. It is little, fits in a bag or bag, and also has a little case for you to sling it over your shoulder. Holds my video camera steady and will certainly do the very same for you. It may be all you ever need. If you ultimately make a decision to acquire a large, expensive tripod (and also you may if you stick with photography), you can keep this set around for those times where you don’t intend to haul around the huge kid.